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The Team

My Family
Certifications and Experience
  • 20+ Years Hiking Experience
  • Wilderness and Remote First Aid
    • CPR/AED Level C​
  • Fully Insured ​

Growing up on Read Island, one of the Discovery islands near Campbell River, without electricity or ferries has given me a close connection with nature and fostered my love for the west coast landscape.


As a little boy I explored the beaches and forests of Read Island. In this way I expanded my knowledge about local trees, plants, mushrooms and seaweeds.


Later in my 20’s I lived on neighbouring Sonora Island. Without a car, my mode of transportation was by boat.  I commuted through some of the fastest tidal currents in the world with my home-built fibreglass boat. 


It was only natural that I transfer my knowledge and experiences into Mystic Beach Adventures, I want to share my love for nature and the west coast landscape with visitors from around the world. 


Ten years ago, after moving to the Sooke area, I discovered the beautiful trails of East Sooke Park. Shortly after that I explored and fell in love with the Juan De Fuca trail and it’s beautiful rainforests and beaches.


Over the years I have shown many friends and family the beautiful wilderness parks of the Juan De Fuca area and I have started Mystic Beach Adventures to help make these areas more accessible to both locals and visitors from around the world.


All of the tours I offer are designed to be fun, safe, and unforgettable. We custom tailor each tour to the abilities of each of our guests and we strive to exceed expectations.

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